My Critical and Creative Writing Samples

My written work can largely be grouped by its relevance to either academic critical writing or creative writing.

  • My blog: Siming Moments - Unedited Contemplations, Musings, Mind Scribblings

  • MIT Sloan Business School: independent research paper on “The Gap’s” e-commerce model

  • MIT Sloan Business School: group project paper on distance learning

  • Philosophy Problem Set 1 — Discussion of Arguments: Descartes (Meditations), Pascal (The Wager) and David Hume (Principle of the Uniformity of Nature)

  • Parallel Universes A critical analysis and discussion of Susanna Kaysen's memoir Girl Interrupted

  • Silver Edges — Short essay for a writing class, describing my silver barette

  • A Forgotten Poem — Short essay about finding a lost poem I wrote as a child

  • Current of Time — A personal journey and social commentary on Harvard Square

  • Hong Kong Today, Hong Kong Yesterday My story published by Teen Voices Magazine

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