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{ About This Siming Website Concept }

This website design concept is intended to express my Chinese poetic and artistic sense. My name Si-Ming, given to me by my artistic mother, means “Contemplating brilliantly / enlightenment” which I feel describes my life search for significance and artistic epiphanies. My name “Si-Ming” is comprised of two primary characters essentially. The first character “Si” (contemplating) is composed of the characters for “field” and “heart” and the second character “Ming” (brilliant/ enlightenment) is comprised of the characters for “sun” and “moon.” One might say, contemplation arises from the field of the heart, and that enlightenment from the brilliant union of the sun and moon.

My design concept invites website visitors to explore the field of the heart to find an enlightened creativity. The design’s vertical navigation bar is intended to suggest a sample of earth. Metaphorically speaking, the website visitor is like an archaeologist exploring the layers of time, layers of understanding, layers of enlightenment deep within the earth and fields of the heart. Essentially, I beckon website visitors to “unearth creativity” and to identify, explore, experience, and communicate with Siming Cybercreative.

I chose photos depicting fields of the heart — either mirror reflecting self-portraits or places that inspire my imagination. Whether it be at Wellesley College or beside the Boston Charles River, these places have been my spiritual homes. As the places and our sources of inspiration transcend states of being to states of mind, creativity manifests itself through the passage of time, the evolution of memories to new enlightened stages.

The tree-like forms in the background allude to my last name “Lee” which is comprised of the characters “child” of the “wood / tree”. I fill the fields with trees and the sky with suns and moons from the “Ming” (enlightenment) character. Welcome to the cyberspace of Siming, enlightened contemplations.

- Janet Si-Ming Lee, Principal of Siming Cybercreative