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Siming… contemplating enlightenment. Siming Cybercreative always strives to develop creative solutions that are enlightened, inspired and strategically aligned with our clients’ marketing objectives. We collaborate closely with our clients, leveraging their industry expertise to identify their unique market niche and brand identity. Our custom design and technology solutions seek to strengthen our clients’ brands and their relationships with their customers.

Principal of Siming Cybercreative Janet Si-Ming Lee provides the following suite of creative services for an integrated “click and mortar” marketing approach:

  • brand and marketing strategy consultations
  • user interface and user-experience development
  • web design conceptualization and implementation
  • information architecture creation
  • graphic design: brochures, posters, ads
  • identity design: logo, business card, stationary
  • Illustration & graphic arts
  • content creative direction
  • search engine optimization (SEO) consultations

Ben Walter, technology partner at Siming Cybercreative, offers clients enhanced backend technology solutions:

  • backend architecture design and implementation
  • streamlining and integrating business processes with technologies
  • database schema design and development
  • e-commerce (including payment processing)
  • automated test and validation solutions for websites
  • application of extreme programming
  • test-driven development and agile modelling
  • custom-designed seminars and training courses for programmers, IT managers and executives
  • technical support

Ben’s test-driven solutions offer customers better services, improves development teams’ performance, and maximizes ROI on technology.

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