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{ About Siming Cybercreative }

Siming Cybercreative is a Boston area design studio founded by principal designer Janet Si-Ming Lee and her technology partner Ben Walter. We always aspire to develop strategic and unique creative concepts that are enlightened and inspired. Simply Siming.

:: Designer :: Artist ::

Siming Cybercreative’s principal designer Janet leverages a unique combination of a fine arts sensibility with a decade of industry-recognized experience to provide quality, customer-focused, and affordable creative web and graphic design solutions. She has designed over 40 client websites as well as print work including posters, ads, logos, identity materials, brochures, and product label designs (voip technology and high end hair salon products). Her clients have included: Teradyne, Allied Signal (Honeywell), Citigroup, Emerson & Cuming, MatrixOne, Ledge Multimedia, The Forum Corporation, Charney Research, Intersections Resources, Optax Systems,
Kamak International
, MIT Sloan, Feinstein Kean Healthcare (a division of Ogilvy PR worldwide).

As the creative lead for a website selected as a finalist for a prestigious 2001 MITX / MIMC Award, Janet’s work has been ranked “one of New England's best.” Her illustrations also earned several Boston Globe awards in 1994 and 1990. In 1998, Janet was the first to receive a B.A. with Honors in Multimedia Arts from Wellesley College. She also studied web design, e-commerce and marketing at the MIT Sloan School.

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:: Senior Technology Architect ::

Ben Walter, our technology partner, is responsible for the development of back-end architecture, design and programming at Siming Cybercreative. He has worked for many well-known companies in the US, the UK and China, including Microsoft, IBM, MIT, ARM, Cambridge University, and Bluesocket, often as the lead engineer or managing partner. Ben trains software engineers at Fortune 500 companies on test strategies for mobile and hand-held devices through the application of Extreme Programming, Agile Modeling and Test-Driven Development. Apart from Java, PHP and perl, Ben is a fluent in oral and written Mandarin Chinese. Currently based in Shanghai, he serves as a consultant representing foreign companies’ commercial interests.

Ben is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and previously won an award for his work at the International World Wide Conference in Hong Kong, PRC. Ben graduated at the top of his class with a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT. For his Master’s at MIT, Ben studied Natural Language Processing, Intellectual Property Law, and Audio Interfaces to Semi-structured Data Repositories.