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{ Art + Design Portfolio }

As Principal of Siming Cybercreative, Janet Si-Ming Lee has designed over 60 client websites as well as logos, identity materials, brochures, posters, ads, product labels, and other print designs for Boston area small businesses, non-profits, and large international firms. View samples of her creative work in web design, graphic arts, flash animation, illustration, software user-interface design and multimedia:

Emerson & Cuming - website design   Another Country Productions - Boston theatre website design   Amy Feldman (New York journalist and writer) - website design   OPTAx - software user-interface design   New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) - discharge form ui design
International Society - website design   Root Markets - flash animation ad designs   Root Markets - landing page / form page design   Kamak International (Hong Kong Study USA) - website design   ZipGlobal - tradeshow graphic design artwork
Cartoon Illustration - Three Musketeers   Massart Project: Magazine Design on Russian Constructivist El Lissitzky - magazines, e-zines   XLNTE - logo design and illustration   Root Markets - Flash animation ad design and illustration   Columbia Technology Corporation - website design
Sky Mirrors cd - illustration and graphic design   Six Red Marbles - website redesign   MIT project "Metamorphosis" - illustration and graphic arts   Proactive Testing - website design   New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) Cafe - software user-interface design
US Army - web application gui design   Baby Portraits Pencil Sketches   MKA (Madsen, Kneppers & Associates) - website design   Siming: Field of the Heart - graphic arts / multimedia arts   XL Capital - website design
Company One - Boston Theatre website design   Averion / BBI - ad designs and graphic designs   MatrixOne - extranet / software user interface design   Enzo & Co. Salon - Hairo product label art / illustrations   Enzo & Co. Salon - Hairo product label art / illustrations
Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) website design   MIT Musical "Once Upon a Mattress" - illustration and graphic design   ASBEE (American Shanghai Beijing Educational Experience) - website design   Another Coffeeshop Story... Jessica Ficken - a photo essay   Root Markets - flash animation ad design and illustration

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