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{ Project: Coffeeshop Dream Photo-Essay }
  Another Coffeeshop story... Jessica Ficken - a photo-essay  

My Role: Photographer, Poet
Project:Another Coffee Shop Story... Jessica” — a photo-essay

Comments: Represented above is the opening screen from my photo-essay project:
Another Coffee Shop Story... Jessica.” This surrealistic photo-essay unravels an unusual coffee shop story. This coffee shop story is a photo-essay starring my friend Jessica. Most of my photos were shot through the mirror to capture the surrealistic nature of dreams. The photos are accompanied by poetry that I had written. These black-and-white photos were printed on glossy fiber-base photo paper for my independent class project.

I chose Jessica as my subject because I was intrigued by her melancholy beauty and artistic minimalism. She appeared natural and candid with the camera as I documented her day. I sought a subject with a face that would be expressive even when silent on a page... a face that had its own quiet narrative, a face that reflected the loneliness and introspection of my own soul at times. The photos were taken in Jessica’s house which I thought had a cozy yet stark interior design. Her house featured unusual artififacts such as an animal skull that hung on the walls, reminiscent of Georgia O’Keefe's paintings of animal skulls in the southwest. Several of these photos depict rainy moments and windows beaded with nature’s tears and misty with introspection.

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