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{ Project: CCC website design }
  Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) - website design  

My Role: Freelance Web Designer
Client: Chinese Culture Connection

Comments: Represented above are two of my proposed homepage design options for my freelance client Chinese Culture Connection. The client chose my “Discover China Through its Arts and its People” design concept. In this preferred concept, I reinforce the CCC tagline: “Discovering China Through its Arts and People” by depicting images of the youth that CCC educates and inspires, The intimate, cropped-in photographic collage treatment in that homepage design option conveys a sense of dynamic energy that expresses CCC's youthful and engaging brand image. The series of photos used suggest the variety of programs offered. In general, I used more reds and golds since they are the colors often associated with the Chinese culture.

In the other proposed homepage design concept “Discover Expressions of Chinese Culture”, I created a collage of the various CCC programs to suggest the shape of a flower similar to the floral fabric background. The petals of the programs presented suggest the diversity of CCC’s programs. I also modified the tagline for this piece to suggest the flowering “expressions of Chinese culture” — a culture that is organic, constantly changing, growing, and flowering. The emphasis on faces, like the other new design shows the human side of the Chinese culture. It may suggest that Chineseculture is preserved in the legacy of its people and its efforts to maintain its essential values and expressions in a world of increasing cultural cross-fertilization.

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