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{ Project: OPTAx software GUI design }

My Role: Freelance Designer & Graphic Artist
Client: OPTAx Systems

Comments: Represented above are a few of the user-interface screens I designed for a multimedia software product OPTAx™ developed by OPTAx Systems. The splash screen for their product application is featured on the far left, the top screen represents a patient form sheet, and the screen on the bottom illustrates the first instructional test page. I used the visual metaphor of stars throughout the screen designs since that visually brands their OPTAx™ test. Their product OPTAx™ tests whether children can distinguish five-pointed and eight-pointed stars accurately and quickly in their ADHD assessments.

OPTAx provides physicians with a method to assess how well a child can sit still and pay attention by quickly and objectively quantifying the key symptoms associated with ADHD: inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Based in the Boston area (Burlington, MA), the company maintains a scientific partnership with the Developmental Biopsychiatry Research Laboratory of McLean Hospital, a major teaching institution of Harvard Medical School. The OPTAx test is used by physicians nationally.

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