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{ Project: Hairo Product Label Designs}

My Role: Freelance Hairo Product Label Designer & Illustrator,Conceptualist, Copywriter
Client: Enzo & Company, a high-end professional hair styling studio on Newbury Street (Boston, MA)

Comments: Represented above are three label designs (for their hair tonic, styling creme and silk fluid products) of the eight that I created for my client Enzo & Company. The designs are printed on clear labels. Enzo & Co. developed eight products and requested unique label designs for all their products. My client worked with an established chemist to develop their own exclusive formula for their hair styling products.

My client requested a European-Asian fusion feel for their Hairo product labels that played on the concept of a samurai as a Japanese hero / hairo. Hence, I studied Japanese character sets in order to create a logo that looked Japanese, devising letters that imitated actual Japanese characters. The logo "Hairo" is hand-drawn to look like Japanese character script written with a paintbrush. I drew abstract leaves and the face of an abstract samurai that is derived from the "h" in the logo text. The samurai has his hair pulled back and upwards to form the shape of the "h" in "Hairo." The logotype is vertically-aligned to mirror asian text and also to suggest the abstract figure of a samurai with arms holding leaves-like swords. The samurai faces "h" character is then repeated all over the background as a label pattern. I chose pantone colors that were soft, subtle, earthy, and organic looking to convey a natural product appeal to a sophisticated, health- and environmentally-conscious target audience.

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