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{ Client: MKA website redesign }
  MatrixOne - extranet / software user interface design  

My Role: Freelance Sole Designer
Client: Madsen, Kneppers & Associates (MKA)

Project Objective: Create a strong brand image and message to emphasize MKA's focus on developing integrated customer-centric solutions for its clients and convey info on its enhanced services. MKA, a multidisciplinary construction consulting company provides creative solutions to the Construction, Legal and Insurance agencies. I redesigned the MKA's website and its print materials as well as provided some copywriting and editing services. Aside from the website project, I also designed MKA's new identity materials (letterheads, envelopes, business cards, rolodex cards), collateral inserts, tradeshow graphics, ad, and their website launch announcement cards. The checkered boxes and grids used throughout the designs allude to game boards i.e. chessboards, scrabble, crossword puzzles, etc. suggesting that MKA is strategic in applying its team elements "strategy, creativity, experience, agility" to resolving issues pertaining to nature's elements-- earth, wind, fire, water.

Comments: Represented above are sample webpages that I designed for the MKA website. The image in the front depicts the homepage and the images behind it are the several sample website subpages for that site. Check out the following designs that I created for MKA:

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