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{ Project: Siming: Field of Heart }

My Role: Multimedia GUI designer / graphic artist

Comments: Represented above are three screens from three of the several Macromedia Director multimedia movies I created for my senior thesis in multimedia arts at Wellesley College. In this collaborative multimedia design project, my mother and I engage in an interactive visual dialogue that expresses our mutual nostalgia for enlightenment, the "Si-Ming" that we share together. Our dialogue illustrates a journey to the field of the heart, a contemplation of ourselves and our relationship to others. In this visual dialogue, my mother's poetry written in Chinese "converses" with my poetry written in English. Through our poetry, we sought to express both the personal and social implications of the Chinese immigrant and Chinese-American experience in the United States.

This Wellesley College Senior Thesis multimedia project was aired on television in the Spring of 2001. The Asian Spectrum interviewed me in my first appearance on television and aired this multimedia project Si-Ming: Field of the Heart to Cantonese-speaking Chinese in the Boston and Malden areas. This piece is also featured on Expressions, a non-profit educational website that exhibits creative work by international writers and artists.

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