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{ Project: Averion / BBI ad designs }

My Role: Freelance Designer & Graphic Artist
As a designer on an advertising and rebranding effort for Averion (formerly known as Boston Biostatistics) led by my former creative team at Extraprise, I created two ad concepts that were intended to emphasize Averion's brand value "integrity in their clinical trials research."
Client: Averion (Boston Biostatistics)

Project Objective: Design ads that emphasized Averion's value to its customers. Our Sr. Brand Strategist at Extrprise determined that “integrity” was a key brand value that we were to highlight in our design ads. Extraprise was hired to rebrand Boston Biostatistics with a new company name that would reflect its growth in its services beyond biostatistics. Our client was considering several options for names including Inverion and Verionix, all names that emphasized its veritas “truth” value.

Comments: Represented above are two advertisement design concepts that I created for the client Averion...
The first concept on the bottom left: Handmade Integrity” depicts hands sewing embroidery on fabric that fades into chromosomes background. This concept expresses the idea that Averion applies “old fashioned” values of handmade integrity to their modern clinical trial processes; integrity so encoded into Averion's clinical research processes that it's almost as if it were part of their “organizational DNA.” Integrity may be an old-fashioned concept but it's a value that should never get outdated. The upper left ad is another design execution for the “handmade integrity” concept. In this ad, the beautiful handmade detailed process of painting asian umbrellas mirrors the process a CRO lab technician uses “painting” inside the petri dishes.

The second concept on the right:: “Fractal Integrity” is suggestive of a snowflake composed of the letter “v” in the name “Verionix” (a brand name we were considering for our client). The snowflake reference was chosen as an icon of a fractal pattern that exists in nature. I chose fractals as a concept for integrity because no matter how closely you examine a fractal pattern, its pattern is always true to itself, maintaining its fractal integrity at every level.

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