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{ Project: ZipGlobal Print & Web Design }

My Role: Freelance Sole Designer & Creative Director
Client: ZipGlobal

Comments: Represented above are several of my graphic designs for my client ZipGlobal, a VoIP / internet telephony telecommunications service provider for international consumers who desire the most cost-effective rates for international calls primarily to and from Asia — China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan — as well as to Canada, Europe and USA. I designed their brochures, tradeshow art graphics, posters, website, powerpoint template artwork, and package design. I chose warm colors that are particularly attractive to Chinese markets which tie into the logo design (see above) that I created for ZipGlobal. The design was intended to appear youthful and dynamic to connote ZipGlobal's cutting-edge product appeal. I was also the content writer for the artwork with messaging that emphasized that ZipGlobal provides service plans that accommodate its customers' growing needs.

Represented above is my logo design for my client ZipGlobal. I created this tagline "Localizing Global Communications" to emphasize their brand position as the next-generation telecommunication solution provider that seamlessly integrates the best of local and long-distance calling plans. Working closely with my client and my project team as the Creative Director for the ZipGlobal rebranding effort, we determined how best to position ZipGlobal's value to their clients. I designed the "Z" logotext in ZipGlobal as an abstraction of the Chinese character "mah" signifying horse with it's four strokes to suggest the four strokes of the horse's mane. The strokes to the right of the "z" mah character suggest speed as well. the "Z" logotext incorporates an arrow that is an abstract "G" for the word "Global" in the name "ZipGlobal". The blue lines emanating from the golden globe suggest sound waves... ZipGlobal is the new sound of telecommunications. The colors I used are warm colors mostly and multi-colored which Chinese people are particularly fond of and consider good luck. Using complementary colors blue and purple, I help the orange and the globe pop out creating visual dynamic synergy among the words and the abstract globe and sound waves.

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