My Art Portfolio of Digital Works: M E T A M O R P H O S I S

My Role: graphics illustration, website storyboarding and metaphor development
This edutainment website Electronic Age Metamorphosis is the brain-child of a three-member project group in the MIT Course 21W785: Communicating in Cyberspace, a web design/development class. Project partner Grace Song (Wellesley '98) and I worked on the conceptualization and storyboarding while project partner Ben Walter (MIT '00) did the CGI and JavaScript programming. I was the designated graphics illustrator for all the website screens. This project was exhibited at the Boston Tremont Gallery in the bienniel Boston Cyberarts Festival 2001.

Comments: My illustration above was created as an introduction to Metamorphosis. This page describes our website game's mission. You are an android born in the Electronic Age destined to find your identity, an analogy to finding your MBTI personality type. You may choose to view the full-scale project website LIVE at in order to view all my illustrations. Please view the Electronic Age Metamorphosis website on a Netscape browser since javascript rollovers were optimized for use only on that browser platform.

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