Art Gallery Features "Another 3am After Work"

The restaurant closes at 2am.
Driving home after work,
Father sits by the steering wheel
His stubby, chapped hands slipping off the wheel
As he nods off
His rectangular black-framed glasses
Sliding down his bulbous nose
A 3am chill frosts the car windows
The windshield wipers hum a lullabye of two syllables
My mother sits beside me at the backseat
Her head bobbing up and down as she sleeps
And awakens abruptly,
Her eyebrows furrowed
These faint lines on her forehead do not soften
Even in repose
She sleeps curled into herself
As she has learned to live
Black strands of hair curtain
Her beautiful face,
Undulating with her exhalations
August moonlight flickers across her face,
Caressing, gentle though
Few human hands have been so tender
Listening to my father's Chinese music tapes playing--
Deng LiJun whispering "Goodbye"
I look out the car window at
The full silver moon
Dipping in and out of the trees, distant


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